Why is Consulting so important for your small business?

As the years continue to go by, business are becoming driven by data more and more. With the continued increase of technology and resources, it’s important to make sure that your business is not only data-driven, but also leveraged with technology to ensure that you’re efficient and focused. Below are some reasons why you should hire a consultant for your marketing:

  • A good, marketing consultant helps you better understand your business better

  • A good, marketing consultant can help you understand your target customer, the competitive landscape you’re facing and the condition of the overall marketplace

  • A good, marketing consultant will help you not waste money on bad marketing

We’re a digital marketing and website design agency located out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, ready to help you with each and every marketing problem that you incur with your business. Whether you’re looking to build out your customer relationship management software or need a marketing plan, we can help!

Hiring a good marketing consultant can be the single best investment you make for your business, no matter the size.

What does our Consulting process look like?

Initial Strategy Call

Step 1

We want to learn what you're wanting for when it comes to your business goals, new iniatives and what strengths/weaknesses you have when it comes to marketing. We put you on a call with us to learn what you're looking for and to talk about pricing and timelines.

Fill out Strategy Planner

Step 2

We have put together an extensive planner that will give us more insight into what you want from new marketing iniatives! This saves both us and you time.

Draft #1 Created

Step 3

We start creating and building a tailored plan/strategy based around your business, goals and what you want to achieve in the coming months/years.

Client Input + Draft #2

Step 4

After the first draft is complete, we get on a second call to discuss our current progress, what you'd like changed and finish the second draft.

Final Launch

Step 5

It's time to launch and implement all of our hardwork.


I have taken photos for several different websites Caleb has built and it has been absolutely incredible. His prices are extremely affordable considering the great product. You need to use him now before prices go up and he isn’t taking more clients! Small businesses that need help with a website, social media, and more need to call or email him now.
— Chris Rettman, Owner - Chris Paul Photography