Part 1: How does building my website relate to a house?


If you know us well, you know we love to use analogies to break down complex ideas into simple ideas. We like to think of building a website for your business like building a home. Below we break down several ideas of a website, into home building terminology:

Website Pages: (The piping & electricity of your home) Your home has piping and electricity that runs together in different areas and they all have to connect for you to receive gas, water and electricity through your home! I highly encourage you to build your website pages out and make sure that all the links, hyperlinks and pass-throughs work correctly to ensure that you have a solid hidden connection to support your website.

SSL: (The locks of your home) Google is actually now flagging websites that don’t have a SSL certificate on their website. To break a SSL certificate down and make it simple, it basically ensures that all data remains private and integral when it gets moved around between the web server and browser. This gives your customers a piece of mind when they know their data is secure on your website.

SEO: (The grass of your home) If you take proper care and make sure to maintain it, you’ll start to be the “most popular home on the block.” In regards to your website, the more relevant, real content you can create on your website, the more you’ll start to begin popping up sooner in google searches.

Social Pages: (The landscaping of your home) If you spend the time and money to create a beautiful landscape of your home, everyone will start to notice you. In regards to your business, the more locations (Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, Google, etc) that new customers can find you, the better looking your business is!

While the concepts mentioned above are great to comprehend and essential to your online success, the most important takeaway is to create authentic content for your business and customers.

Watch for Part Two of this comparison, and if you have any ideas for which you would like explained next, let us know!

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Caleb Roche

Born and raised in Enid, Oklahoma, Caleb Roche is setting a new standard for how to create, connect, and inquest the business world. His inspiration and creativity stemmed from a mentorship with the former Oklahoma City bomber’s attorney. Learning the value of truth, dedication, and research, Caleb has taken his skills beyond courtrooms and incorporated them into business. He accomplishes every task with his extroverted personality and sincere care for the clients he encounters. Caleb looks forward to getting to know those he has the opportunity to meet and is excited about what the future holds.