Alpha Assesment & Counseling

Industry: Therapy/Counseling

Motto: “Designing & Creating Thoughtful, Livable Spaces”

Platforms used: Squarespace

Project Start: January 2019

Our Data/Results for Q1 & Q2 2019

Overall Results

  • For Q1 & Q2, Complete interiors was able to reach an increase of over $80,000 and $28,000 in profit, while their overall investment was under $5,000.

Facebook ($2,080 spent)

  • Over 78,768 People Reached

  • Over 114,008 Impressions made

  • Over 56 Leads Generated

    • Averaged $37.14 per lead

Google ($465 spent)

  • Over 37,182 Impressions made

  • Over 315 Website Clicks


  • Over 700 Unique Visitors

  • Over 7 Form Submissions

Campaign Spend & ROI

Social Engagement

The Background

Complete interiors has been in business for over 20 years. While they’ve been successful and were staying consistently busy, they were wanting to (a) increase their ongoing project list and (b) improve their attraction and retention strategies.

Our Ideas

We wanted to create an innovative, but cost-effective strategy for Complete Interiors to not only increase exposure across social media and online channels, but to also create lead funnels, re-build their website, and to increase the amount of Google reviews that they were receiving. We put together the following actions steps to implement this plan into action:

  • A New Website Created with Squarespace that would drive more traffic online and gain better exposure

  • Customized Single Pages designed to show the variety and counseling options offered

  • Create a transparent, straight foward pricing page for new clients

  • Google Ads focused on increasing search exposure along with increasing quote requests

Overall Objectives

  • Increase Revenue for the business from increasing leads

  • Increase Exposure for the business by creating social engagement, running custom advertisements and building a retention strategy

  • Retarget potential and current customers to build brand recognition

  • Create a website that consumers want to visit and will fill out forms