Current Trends in Marketing for 2019

The biggest hurdle for a business when it comes to marketing is having no clue on where to start.

You can google “How should I market my small business” or “What are the best marketing strategies for my small business” but I guarantee you that it will add TONS of grey hairs and stress you out the more you research it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advising to never research marketing trends ever again, because that isn’t smart either.. (I’m solely trying to touch on the simple fact that sometimes reality is farther away than we realize.) With the amount of data, resources, blogs and FB Ads on “10Xing your business in 10 days” it can 1. Make it seem like your business is failing, 2. Distract you from reality, and 3. Even make your business fail. Seeing the amount of small business owners overwhelmed with the amount of marketing articles/resources available, I figured I would highlight a few trends in Marketing for 2019.

1. Quality > Quantity

Marketing a few years ago used to be a competition on who could post the most content to get in front of their customers, but now it’s changing. Consumers are getting tired of low quality, high volume content and are paying more attention to low-volume, high quality content. The more you can relate, be transparent and authentic to your customer, the more they will take notice of your brand.

2. Personalization is Key

Consumers are getting tired of generic products and want more personalization. With the rise of subscription boxes, it’s easy to see that we are becoming a world of personalized products, content and businesses. It’s been said that Personalization equals Maximizing enjoyment while minimizing the search time. Why do you think Netflix spends so much money into learning your behavior and favorite shows?

3. Micro-Influencer Marketing is here

How amazing is it that you can send someone a free product, they post it on their social media and you can get multiple orders from their friends? We are people followers, so when we see our friends with the latest and greatest product, WE WANT IT. Big influencers are getting expensive and can be difficult to relate to.

4. Generation Z is now here

How are you tailoring your marketing strategy to reach Gen Z’s? Gen Z’s are getting older, entering the workforce and are beginning to possess buying power. Remember how Marketers were scrambling to understand millennials? (Don’t be surprised when this happens again) This generation values authenticity, transparency and socially responsible businesses.

Having trouble reaching Generation Z’s? That’s where we come in handy. We’re a team of Generation Z’s, so we know exactly what the newest generation of consumers are looking for.

Shoot us an email ( and let us know what you’re struggling with when it comes to marketing. We’d love to help you out.

Caleb Roche

Born and raised in Enid, Oklahoma, Caleb Roche is setting a new standard for how to create, connect, and inquest the business world. His inspiration and creativity stemmed from a mentorship with the former Oklahoma City bomber’s attorney. Learning the value of truth, dedication, and research, Caleb has taken his skills beyond courtrooms and incorporated them into business. He accomplishes every task with his extroverted personality and sincere care for the clients he encounters. Caleb looks forward to getting to know those he has the opportunity to meet and is excited about what the future holds.