Client Spotlight: Chris Rettman, Chris Paul Photography


We sat down to talk with one of our clients and trusted client partners, Chris Rettman with Chris Paul Photography, to have a chance to show how hard he hustles, what the photography industry is really like, and why you should choose Chris when it comes to hiring a photographer for any occasion. Check out his facebook here.

Chris has done some amazing things, has an amazing eye for creating great photo moments and has had some big time shoots, which we’ll leave for you to ask him about.

Question 1: What made you get into the photography industry? What do you love best about working as a photography?

My dad and my sister opened up a studio called Uniquely U Photography that is absolutely incredible. My sister taught me everything I know along with some other co workers and I really loved the concept of not being at a desk all day and how everyday is different depending on the session!

Question 2: What do you think makes you stand out from other photographer?

Most photographers try and stick to one thing but I like to shoot it all which means I have experience in, real estate, headshots, fashion, family, lifestyle, Sr photos, weddings and more.

Question 3: What does a day in the life of a photographer look like?

So it’s wake up, respond to emails, cold brew coffee, Spotify and edit for a a few hours, then shoot in the morning, lunch, shoot in the evening and then dinner which I usually catch with family or friends. Maybe some video games and golf in there as well. Not a bad life.

Question 4: What advice would you give to someone looking to become a photographer?

Take photos of the things you’re excited about and you’ll always love those photos.

Question 5: How do you define “success”?

Being able to do the things I like.

Question 6: When it comes to marketing your own business, what would you say are the hardest parts?

Putting yourself out there or the stressfulness of an unsuccessful attempt to market.

Question 7: What made you choose CRoche Consulting?

Caleb is more knowledgeable and hungry than any of the other marketing firms I’ve looked into. Also, far cheaper than any of the larger marketing firms

Caleb Roche

Born and raised in Enid, Oklahoma, Caleb Roche is setting a new standard for how to create, connect, and inquest the business world. His inspiration and creativity stemmed from a mentorship with the former Oklahoma City bomber’s attorney. Learning the value of truth, dedication, and research, Caleb has taken his skills beyond courtrooms and incorporated them into business. He accomplishes every task with his extroverted personality and sincere care for the clients he encounters. Caleb looks forward to getting to know those he has the opportunity to meet and is excited about what the future holds.